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Published on January 11, 2016 Comment(s): 0

So it’s time to put those mince pies away and start reaching for your running shoes again! Yes, the New Year is upon us and those extra pounds aren’t going to disappear by themselves. But if you are struggling for inspiration and can’t face that miserable gym, why not take up an outdoor sport that offers far more fun than a treadmill could ever manage?

Spoilt for choice?

No matter where you happen to live in the UK, there is an outdoor sport that is perfect for you. It doesn’t matter how unfit you may feel, you can simply tailor your exercise around your own level. Trail running is an awesome way to get and stay healthy whilst enjoying the countryside around us. So long as you remember to stay warm and use a Sports Cloak to help you retain your body temperature before and after the event, you will soon wonder why you didn’t start years ago! Or maybe you’d prefer some open water swimming to work off those Christmas pounds instead? Most of these sports are absolutely free and there are plenty of clubs that will help you to stay motivated all year around.

The new way to stay warm

To help you prepare for a fitter and more enjoyable year of outdoor sports, invest in a sports cloak and you will never look back. These ingenious clothing items come in many colours and designs and staying warm and dry never looked as cool. Also ideal for the surfers amongst us and they focus on maintaining a dry and warm body before and after the main event. You’ve probably already seen the professional triathletes wearing sports cloaks and if it’s okay for them, well you know the rest!

So usher in the New Year with a bang and choose your outdoor sport wisely because it could be the start of a new improved you! 

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