Get ready for the afterglow – why outdoor swimming is good for you.

While many fair-weather outdoor swimmers stop taking to open waters during the colder months, there’s an army of hardy swimmers that continue to take the plunge during the winter. So, what is it that keeps people jumping into cold water when temperatures plummet?


The benefits of cold-water swimming.

Many people fall in love with wild swimming because of its widely reported health benefits; from managing menopause symptoms (Blog Post - Menopause and the healing benefits of cold water swimming) and boosting circulation, to supporting post injury recovery and mental wellbeing (Blog Post - Coldwater swimming: the latest sports trend gripping the nation). But it is the post swim afterglow where the major benefits kick-in.

Cold water swimming activates our ‘happiness’ endorphins. The very action of stepping into cold water sends electrical impulses to the brain, jolting it into a state of heightened alertness, clarity, and increased energy. Stepping out of cold water then releases these endorphins which flood the body leaving swimmers with a feeling of elation and sense of calm. It is the perfect reset button for the mind, body and soul.


What to wear post swimming in cold water.

The Charlie McLeod range of changing cloaks and outdoor activity accessories mean we literally have you covered from head to toe. Check out our range of Sherpa lined Sports Changing Cloaks that make post-swim changing easy, discreet, and warm. Our onesies and woolly beanies ensure post activity wear is swift, stylish, and snug. And for after’s, a hot drink is essential so be sure to include one of our insulated water bottles in your kit essentials.


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