About Us

Charlie McLeod stands for a more laid back way of living, a lifestyle that knows how to take it easy.  Inspired by the millions of people who, when they get home, the first thing they do is change into something more comfortable; something soft, mostly loose fitting but always very relaxed.

Charlie McLeod loungewear is a range of the very best garments for spending your spare time in, out and about or in the car, but mostly at home, your comfort is our goal.

Based near Oxford, in the heart of Britain's countryside, life is played at a steady pace, a pace that allows our creative teams to let their juices flow, well, meander!  New designs and garments are being constantly fashioned and then added to the range.  A lot of experimentation and lounging needs to go into every garment we produce and after all that synapse action; it’s time to kick-back and have a well-earned rest.

Stay in contact with us through Facebook and Twitter and be the first to find out about new designs, colours, styles, deals, and competitions. We'll also let you know where we'll be, when we go “out and about”.


Social Responsibility

Charlie McLeod takes great care to ensure that the factories we use around the world adhere to strict ethical standards. We also insist that the external suppliers we use also have the same standards. Both Charlie McLeod and our suppliers do spot checks throughout the year to ensure none of our ethical standards have been breached.

  • Prohibition of Forced Labour
    Our suppliers and/or manufacturers will not use involuntary or forced labour - indentured, bonded or otherwise.
  • Prohibition of Child Labour
    Our suppliers and/or manufacturers will not hire any employee under the age of 14, or under the age interfering with compulsory schooling, or under the minimum age established by law.
  • Hours of Work
    Our suppliers and/or manufacturers will ensure that the hours worked each week shall not exceed the legal limitations of the country where the product is produced.
  • Health and Safety
    Our suppliers and/or manufacturers will provide a safe and healthy factory environment. Where residential housing is provided for workers, these too shall be safe and healthy housing.