Coldwater swimming: the latest sports trend gripping the nation

Coldwater swimming is the latest buzz, and for good reason. The health benefits have been widely reported and with all the demands of the pandemic, many of us are turning to new ways to improve our mental and physical health. Here’s a round-up of some of the benefits of coldwater swimming and why it’s got everyone talking.

  1. It boosts your immune system and positivity
    As the body reacts to the change in conditions it boosts the white blood cell count. It also gives you a natural high – have you seen all the pictures of people beaming at the camera during and post exercise?! That’s the endorphin rush. And not only endorphins, the cold water is also known to increase oestrogen and testosterone levels which gives our libido a lift too!
  2. It improves circulation, stress response and burns calories
    Our blood is forced around the body to warm us up and while our heart is pumping faster, our body is working much harder, burning more calories than in warmer water. Managing this greater stress is also thought to make us calmer when faced with other other testing situations.
  3. Achieving mindfulness
    The concept is that while your brain is forced to deal with the intense situation you have put yourself into, it forces you to focus on the immediate present and stops you from dwelling on other things that are not immediately within your control.

These benefits are considerable but don’t come without preparation. For cold water swimming beginners there are safety measures it’s important to know about. Read about them in detail here 5 Tips for Open Water Swimming Beginners this Autumn.

Cold water swimming must never be undertaken alone. That is the golden rule. Not only because of the safety elements but also because of the social elements! With all those endorphins rushing around your body you’ll enjoy sharing the moment with others. There are hundreds of clubs in the UK – hop onto Facebook to search for your closest group...CMc
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