How To Stay Safe During The Open-Water Swim Season

Published on June 15, 2017 Comment(s): 0

Open-water swimming is a great way to train, and being able to enjoy the warm weather makes it all the better. Many triathletes are beginning to include outdoor swimming sessions into their weekly training, therefore it is vital that you know how to keep yourself safe if you’re hoping to join in.

Ensure you have the correct equipment. Not only must you have the correct equipment whilst you’re in the water, such as a high-quality wetsuit, but you should also be well prepared before and after your swim. The Charlie McLeod Driathlon will ensure you get dry in seconds due to its highly absorbent microfibre, so you can swiftly move on to the next part of your triathlon training.

You must ensure you stay warm after leaving the water, as staying wet for prolonged periods of time can cause illness and hinder your training. The Charlie McLeod long sports cloak is designed to keep you warm after swimming and dry you off in next to no time at all. Also available is the long sleeve sports cloak- great for use as the weather cools down.

Be aware of the water quality before you set out. If there is no lifeguard on duty, it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe by checking for any visible signs of danger, such as water traffic or obstructions, and ensure you always check the swimmers signs on the beach before setting off.

It is a great idea to go out swimming with a friend or training partner. No matter how strong you are as a swimmer, conditions can change very quickly and this is when accidents can happen. By going out as a pair, or even group, you have more sets of eyes keeping watch for potential hazards. If you don’t know anyone else who swims, have someone watch you from the shore or a boat, and swim close to them to ensure you are easily reachable should you find yourself in any trouble. Always let somebody know if you plan to go open-water swimming.

Being outside in the open water you may come across many different conditions including currents, rain, waves and more, the best thing to do it try to swim in as many of them as possible. This is because you never know what race day might bring and it is good to know that you can perform in any situation as you are prepared and confident! It is important to always to keep your safety in mind when out swimming in open water.

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