What is an Eco changing robe?

Our Original Sports Cloak, also referred to as a dry robe or changing robe enables easy and private changing from a wetsuit. The thick Sherpa fleece lining keeps you warm and cosy.  The Eco Sports Cloak looks and functions exactly the same, providing the same level of shower-proof protection and drying power. The only difference is it is produced from recycled PET plastic.

Approximately 110 recycled plastic bottles are used to produce one Charlie McLeod Eco Sports Cloak. The process undertaken when recycling plastic bottles creates a soft, elastic fibre. This fibre provides a great solution to the apparel industry faced with the enormous challenge of becoming more sustainable.

The technology involved in creating the fabric includes shredding plastic into tiny pieces, the size of rice grains, processing, cleaning and spinning. Once prepared the fibre can be used for a variety of fabrics and clothing with high elasticity and resilience while maintaining a soft texture, making it perfect for sports apparel and quickly adopted by the industry. Since 2010, Nike has used 115 million renewable polyester bottles to produce sports tops.

The recycled material extends to all aspects of the Eco Sports Cloak: the outer shell and inner fleece lining. We’re proud to be leading the industry by providing an ethical changing robe to adventure seekers looking for a more sustainable option.

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