Wild Swim Guide

Over the last four years, daily wild swimming has added so much to my life, a lovely community, fun, work a shared interest with my family and immersion in nature – all of which make me feel well and happy. 

I started with an initial sunny dip in the Lake District and today I am a full time wild swim guide in the Yorkshire Dales National Park where I share the beautiful watery delights with individuals and groups from all over the UK, safely.

I really can’t get enough of the cold water near my home in the National Park. I swim skins all year round. I love swimming alone and with family and friends and have completed more than 2500 swims in temperatures from 0.6 degrees c to 24 degrees c. I also love post-swim cake. My favoured post swim warm up drink is root ginger tea.

In the future I hope to be able to complete some longer distant swims but I’ll have to knuckle down to some training for that to happen.

I’m delighted and very grateful to be an Ambassador for Charlie McLeod, a company I respect the values of and whose kit I rate highly, under pinned with fantastic service.