Go oversized, or go home: The Long Hoodie, A Perfect Piece Of Clothing For Loungewear

Published on October 27, 2016 Comment(s): 0

Let’s Talk About Loungewear

Who says you can’t be stylish and comfortable at the same time? Who says you can’t slob-out and party it up down the local pub in the same clothes? Umm… 2016 has a put a stop to that in a massive way by introducing long hoodies and tracksuits back on the fashion scene.

Even the super elegant and everything-tight Victoria Beckham has ditched her skyscraper stilettos for trainers, oversized hoodiesand loose slacks. Even the stunning Emma Roberts is sporting woollen sweatshirts and large jumpers on magazine spreads.

We’re even seeing the likes of the glamorous Kardashian clan climbing into their “Netflix and Chill” uniform with big hoodies and fitted tracksuits- love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re bringing comfy back.

For men all over the word, it’s your time to shine, Ryan Gosling was snapped casually wearing a tailored pyjama shirt on the red carpet in Cannes, because why not?

Don’t know about you? But lots of people will be thrilled that loungewear is back on the scene and now we can really channel our inner layabout and comfort-craving personalities because you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for cosiness now.

Autumn and Winter are the best time for it too! During the Christmas month, many of us will certainly be lounging around in our new oversized hoodies, eating and drinking to our heart’s content. But having a large hoodie to keep you snug during breezy summer nights is a must-have too.

The Telegraph and the fashionistas they interviewed are insisting that cosy and chic are the perfect couple this season. The article reports that some people are speculating why loungewear is so popular in, and outside of the home. Some say it’s because people are just spending more time at home and are investing in comfortable yet fashionable clothing. Some also point the finger at social media and the selfie-taking culture- we are taking pictures of ourselves at home, revealing to the world what we get up to in casual and homey settings.  

Whatever the reason, we’re in!

Staple items to complete the loungewear look: The do’s

Long hoodiesare a must-have for the loungewear look and you can wear them with everything. The style is large, not fitted, so go one size up if you have to! Long jumpers just make you look more stylish and slender not to mention the added warmth. Hoods will be sure to keep you snug too. The best have to be Charlie McLeod’s long hoodie line.

Dark-coloured or light grey tracksuits (fitted or baggy) are great to sprawl about in, run errands and go to the gym in. If they are nicely tailored, go ahead and be the comfiest one in the bar.

Thick sweatshirts with a flattering jewel neckline are also great for hanging around or having a yoga sweat session in.

Also, once you’ve been seduced by the onesie, you’ll never go back. It’s acceptable to wear them at home and when running errands. So forget about putting together an outfit to pop out, just wear one big one. 

Know when you’ve taken loungewear too far: The Don’ts

Avoid anything too flamboyant with lots of patterns, clashing colours and/or excessively fluffy. Opt for one or two colours and simple patterns or none at all. This sort of guideline goes for hoodies, sweatpants and onesies. Try to go for a classically casual look, not for an  attention-grabbing stare…

Of course wearing slippers and a full set of pyjamas should stay strictly home attire!

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