Ellen Mcarthur fights injury

Published on September 16, 2013 Comment(s): 0

Lots has been going on for me re-injury and university choices. I have a sports scholarship at Edinburgh Uni and a place on the zoology course which is fantastic, I have lots of support and ability to focus on my training here.

Unfortunately my injury hasn't yet healed, having the bi-lateral hip surgery last year was major surgery and as a result the healing process is long and frustrating! I have made progress focusing on core elements that are important throughout all three disciplines. 3 weeks ago I also had a steroid injection to calm inflammation in my hip which hopefully will make a difference when I start building up my running once more.

Edinburgh Uni have been prepared to take me onto their sports programme for elite athletes, I need further physio and rehab but I intend to return to competing in triathlon if all continues to improve. It is my intention to represent the Uni in swimming as well as cycling so either way I expect to be competing in the not too distant future.

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