Onesie Comfort

Published on May 02, 2013 Comment(s): 0

So, you thought onesies were just for babies and toddlers. Looking at a child's onesie you may also have thought how convenient they are. You simply slip them on, pull the zip up and away you go. It couldn't be easier to get dressed in the morning. Why does baby get all the cool stuff, you may have wondered?

Say goodbye to cold tummies, buttons, layers and belts because onesies are most certainly made for adults too. What perhaps started as a functional garment for those who enjoy outdoor sports in winter, or a snug pair of pyjamas, has now became a major trend. 

Onesies come in all sorts of sizes and designs and feature a number of nifty extras. As a fashion item you will find onesies that suit your taste in style, colour, fabric and overall design which means you get to look good and feel super comfortable at the same time.

 Allcome in their own carry-bag which is great for travelling. Instead of trudging along with a travel case packed with different outfits, which you probably won't get around to wearing anyway, you can simply pop your onesie into your handbag and its as light as a feather.

Cold weather wreaks havoc on the head and ears, making hooded garments essential. All our onesies come equipped with hoodies that do-up under your chin, keeping the chilly air out and the warm air in. 

As for sleeves that keep creeping up leaving your hands feeling like ice-cubes, some onesies are equipped with longer sleeves that feature single holes around the wrists for your thumb, allowing you to move around and still keep your wrists and lower arms toasty.

With zip-up pockets for your keys, phone and whatever else you want to carry with you, the need for a handbag is gone. Made from cotton/polyester onesies all are machine washable and will dry in no time.

On with the onesie, on with the ugg boots or loafers and you're done. No more faffing around in front of the mirror, checking to see whether or not everything curves in the right places. The comforts of onesies really are practically priceless. 

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