Onesie etiquette - When to wear your onesie

Published on February 21, 2013 Comment(s): 0

Considering the adult onesie may be the most comfortable fashion trend since Ugg boots it’s understandable why some people never want to take theirs off. However, this begs the question, is there a time and a place for a onesie?

Sleeping – Thumbs up

This must be the most appropriate time to wear your onesie considering this was their original purpose. These comfy, cosy all in one suits are ideally suited for this function, and you’ll never sleep as well as when you’re in your onesie.

Job Interview – Thumbs down

They may be stylish and snug, but onesies probably aren’t the greatest way to make a good first impression with a potential future boss. It may give off an impression of laziness so not to be recommended. The world isn’t quite ready for onesies in the workplace just yet!

Long Haul Flight – Thumbs up

The perfect solution to travelling in comfort and an idea that hasn’t gone unnoticed by many celebrities, including Joey Essex who was spotted arriving at Las Vegas Maccaran International Airport wearing his. This is a great way to help you relax on long journeys.

Romantic Date – Thumbs Down

Unfortunately, research by the British Heart Foundation found that both men and women find onesies the second biggest clothing turn off for a date, so this is a no go area. However, there may be a possible solution to this problem with the recent launch of the twosie – basically a onesie with room for two people.

Skiing – Thumbs Up

Another great use for the ever diverse onesie is après-ski. Ideal for after a long day on the slopes, to combat the cold weather and rest your aching muscles. This is the perfect time and place to wear your Nordic style onesie.

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