The Health Benefits Of Outdoor Swimming

Published on November 15, 2017 Comment(s): 0

We all know that taking part in any sporting activity can have a positive impact on our health, but what exactly is the point in going through the effort to take part in outdoor swimming, when you could just go for a run for example? In this post we want to explain some of the main health benefits of outdoor swimming, and why it can be a better option than other sporting activities.

In our opinion, the most important health benefit of outdoor swimming (especially in cold water) is that you are burning calories as you swim. If you’re making the effort to swim in cold water, your body will be working twice as hard to keep you warm, and therefore you’ll be burning more calories as you swim. This is not to say that swimming in warmer water will not help you to burn calories, as any type of swimming can be beneficial towards your health.

Another health benefit of outdoor swimming is that it can help you to improve your immune system, meaning that you are less likely to become ill or catch a cold. Studies in the past have suggested that being exposed to water that is cold can be an activity that activates your body’s immune system and allows it to ‘practice’ and therefore be prepared against illness and colds.

Finally, swimming of any type (although especially outdoor swimming) is an activity that gets your blood pumping, which has a number a positive health benefits. For example, outdoor swimming can help to improve your blood circulation, and your body’s complexion.

To round things off, we feel that outdoor swimming can be an activity that can bring a number of health benefits to you. It can be easy to make outdoor swimming a part of your routine, and with a range of swimming coats and sports cloaks on the market, adapting to the outdoor swimming lifestyle has never been easier.

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