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Published on December 22, 2015 Comment(s): 0

It’s not often that a new clothing design makes a positive impression on the world of competitive sports but that is exactly what has happened with the awesome Sports Cloak! Instead of being a costume that you wear during your sporting activity, the Sports Cloak is all about staying nice and warm between these exertions. In particular, it was developed with open water swimmers, trail runners and surfers in mind.

Sports Cloaks for all sorts of sports

Whether you are running in a marathon or simply doing a few laps of the local outdoor pool, before and after your event it is really important to stay warm. But pulling on a sweater and some leggings isn’t always the most convenient option. This is where the Sports Cloak comes up trumps every time. Just think of this garment as a long insulated hoodie that goes all the way below the knee and you are halfway there. Almost like a sleeping bag that allows you to walk around without tripping over, if you like. You can warm down nicely after your chosen sport and never worry about catching a chill.

Triathlons and Open Water Swimming

Nowadays we are also seeing the emergence of open water swimming and triathlons more than ever before. These used to be marginal sports for the super fit and professional athletes but today, both are very popular amongst all age groups. The triathlon consistsof a swim, a bike ride and a run, the distance differs according to the level of expertise. Also known as an ‘Iron Man’ contest, staying warm between and after these legs is vital to the health and performance of the participant. Open water swimming has also become far more popular than before, even in the somewhat chilly waters right here in the UK.  Lovers of both events have welcomed the Sports Cloak with open arms and with good reason.

If you are thinking about adding some cool yet functional clothing items to your sporting wardrobe, why not invest in your very own Sports Cloak? They come in a full zip option. Ideal for all types of outdoor sports and activities.

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