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Charlie McLeod is all about that glorious moment when you are ready to kick back after a tense day in the office or a particularly invigorating workout, whatever your chosen sport. We totally get the fact that when you have put in the effort and time into doing what you love, you should be rewarded with some serious wind down time that loves you right back.

As far as supporting you when you’ve completed your latest water sports session is concerned; we thoroughly recommend our latest brilliant product – the Driathlon!

Made from Performance Microfibre, the Driathlon actually dries your body in a matter of seconds. Yes, thanks to the highly absorbent fibres, this fantastic garment is exactly what you need after an exhausting training session.

The Driathlon comes in a choice of colours including Purple, Turquoise and Navy and this unisex product is available in 4 sizes from small to XL.

The inclusive elastic strap allows you to easily roll up the Driathlon into your sports bag when you have finished your session. Tastefully embroidered with the Charlie McLeod logo, your sporting friends will soon be wondering why they haven’t caught onto the fact that the Driathlon is an essential part of your training equipment.

Designed for you to change your clothes in total privacy with startling ease, the Driathlon is another excellent addition to the Charlie McLeod range of sports products. The New Zealand open neck collar combines beautifully with the vented leg design, all connected with a very tough contrast box stitching to allow for easy movement and comfortable wearing.

Whether you are an Olympic hopeful or simply enjoy chilling out after a weekend swim or rowing session, we promise you that the Driathlon is going to make perfect sense as soon as you try one on for yourself!

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